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Welcome to Greenwood Farm & Co
Springbrook Mountain, Queensland

The Story

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Greenwood Farm & Co began in 2011 with a single beehive, some baby chooks and a tiny farm stall, and have been bringing back old school flavours, skills and services since those humble beginnings.  The media darlings have appeared on TV, magazines, local papers, inbound/inflight travel shows and are a fave of Gold Coast social media infulencers and celebrities.


After the Farm Stall, The Guesthouse, The Cooking School and the Private 5 Star Dining Room, Greenwood Farm and Co has now morphed into a chilled space where families and friends meet to enjoy those flavours they know and love. 


Angi, Paul and Staff love living in the amazing rainforest on Yugambeh land and as they're multi skilled and completely passionate about providing amazing coffee, food and service, their love and dedication now combine in The Little Farm Cafe where the limited menu is prepared, made, baked fresh and from scratch each and every day.


This alchemy lets people come together, celebrate, bond and enjoy time as a tribe... no matter the reasons or occasions... that are remembered forever.  

The Team

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The Team at Greenwood Farm and Co are absolute professionals and collectively have over 60 years of hospitality, barista and chef experience between them. 


They care about your experience and the quality of each and every coffee and dish that comes out of the kitchen.  They just love to stop and have a chat when able, and are a mine of information on Springbrook, the Waterfalls, the Hiking Trails and the Animals that call the mountain their home. 


Please introduce yourself and strike up a conversation with Angi, Paul, Mikey or Hazel when visiting. 

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